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2nd Floor, Leicester, LE1 3AL, United Kingdom.

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Instant Cleaning Services UK, in Leicester

Instant Cleaning Services UK- 2nd Floor- 25 Church Gate- Leicester- LE1 3AL- Tel- 07888000991- Instant Cleaning Services UK is your No 1 choice of cleaning Company in Britain with exact standard and ideas needed to keep your homes- office and accommodation to the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene quality you deserve- We are experience cleaners- We are full of innovation- accuracy and perfection in the cleaning industries- We always have third party recommendation from our clients- Visit our website or call us now and code Lang to get a 10- discount- We are compartible with cleaning and our services are reliable- We offer on going and one off cleaning- So you are not tied down to a particular contract though- We are inspiring clealiness- So our finishes are upto a 3D standard- Instant Cleaning Services is an integral part of Instant Group UK Ltd- It manage and supervised by a board of directors of the Instant Group- CHAS- All our cleaners are friendly- qualified and competent health and safety offices and providing themselves in guiding the company- Approved Contractor- Accredited as a member of approved contractor- Our cleaners are reliable and trustworthy in confidential enviroment-

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2nd Floor, Leicester, LE1 3AL, United Kingdom.

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07888 000991
033 3014 4084

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