The Iron Lady

bolehall, Tamworth, B77 3PD, United Kingdom.

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The Iron Lady, in Tamworth

We run an ironing business from home- You bring us your creased clean washing and we will give it you back crease free and looking pristine- We are the most competitive around as we charge per hr and only cover locally allowing us to spend less time driving and more time working- Our clients include local accountant- steel fabrication company- a cake maker in wilnecote- local training manager- single professional males- working mums- and generally our clients include people who just hate ironing or don-t have enough time to do it- We provide an ironing service in wilnecote- We can pick up and drop off at an extra cost but prefer our clients to drop off which means we spend less time driving around and more time working- We have some fussy clients who have gone away most impressed with the high standard especially on shirts- We have same day turnaround if you drop first thing something that most others cant deliver- We can do this as we are smaller and local- my name is Tina and I run the iron lady ironing service- Being ex military I understand the needs of a highly pressed shirt and perfection at all times- We also iron bedding something that certain companies won-t do- The business started after working at the belfry hotel learning the needs of a four star hotel I decided to set up the business and it was named after my political idol Maggie thatcher the iron lady herself-

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bolehall, Tamworth, B77 3PD, United Kingdom.

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