Shropshire Expert Cleaners

MADELEY, Telford, TF7 5AT, United Kingdom.

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Shropshire Expert Cleaners, in Telford

We are a leading 5- rated and reviewed cleaning company in Shropshire- We are known as trustworthy and loyal cleaners who respect your home and property and maintain high standards- Shropshire Expert Cleaners have the ever-growing goal of developing and maintaining relationships built on trust and loyalty- We consistently the first and only call new customers make- We give our domestic customers the same level of service- whether a one-off clean or regular clean our customers have the peace of mind to know they are being cared for by an award winning company who will treat their home with the utmost respect and its owners with loyalty- The result- - When you get home your mirrors are polished- your bathroom sink- shower- bath and toilet enamel shimmering and buffed- your wood furniture glossy and your carpets spotless- When we clean- We clean and you can smell it- No air fresheners to attack the senses but real and proper cleaning- Experience the reason we are a 2019 Excellence award winning company- We then put together a checklist to make sure we always deliver what we promise- Many of our customers text us monthly because they still get impressed with our cleaning standards- or maybe just to say thank you for their monthly box of chocolates from us- Our company owner makes all the first visits to ensure their is no misunderstanding regarding what you want and what you get- We are not a cleaning franchise so if you have any feedback to make we can make it their and then with no hoops to jump through- also in franchises many company owners have never cleaned themselves- Our company owner- Simon Campbell has over 7-000 hours cleaning experience and has to be on all our worst social service cleans to ensure standards are maintained- he takes the cleaning of your home or business seriously-

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MADELEY, Telford, TF7 5AT, United Kingdom.

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